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Today is a day to vote Labour

Despite some of the anti-Ken Livingstone feeling and out of kilter polls it is still all to play for today as London finally goes to the polls. Boris Johnson’s team have tried as hard as possible to distance him from the Conservative Party, but that is his party and you can not divorce them.

This is a two horse race and if you vote today that is what it comes down to.  A choice between the party of bankers, public service cuts, austerity, attacks on the NHS and tax cuts for the rich and Labour.

Today is a day to put aside doubts and disagreements and vote Labour. It’s what I will certainly be doing and I hope many of you will as well as helping elect Boris Johnson only helps one party and one group of people and they are dedicated to looking after themselves and their friends and as far as I know none of them are from around here.

Boris Johnson with his Conservative Party colleagues David Cameron and Geroge Osborne

Livingstone said, earlier: “Today is a clear choice between Labour and Conservative. The choice has never been clearer. Vote Conservative for four more years of fare rises, police cuts and economic mismanagement.

“Or vote Labour for a fares cut, more police on the street, more and cheaper housing, the reintroduction of the London EMA, grants for childcare and cheaper heating bills.

“Today, David Cameron is urging voters to elect Boris Johnson. That tells us the stakes for Londoners. Despite the incessant and relentless attacks from the right wing press, this election is going to go to the wire.”

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