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Palestine Telegraph: Vote Ken Livingstone. UPDATED… now also backed by the formerly Anti-Livingstone Jews

While more and more senior Labour backers express their horror at the prospect of Ken Livingstone’s victory in the forthcoming mayoral elections – Lord Winston is the latest – extremists and hatemongers have come out in force for the man.

Here’s Jeremy “Inquiry into Jewish Influence” Corbyn in the Morning Star – the Stalinist rag – and the antisemitic and conspiracist Palestine Telegraph urging extremists to “get the vote out for Ken”.

Let’s recap a few episodes from the record of Sameh Habeeb’s paper:

– Praising Gilad Atzmon’s “courageous” new book and ludicrously comparing Atzmon to Salman Rushdie.

– Publishing an antisemitic video by former KKK grand wizard David Duke. This proved too much even for Jenny Tonge, who resigned as a patron of the Palestine Telegraph.

– Publishing a ridiculous story about Israelis stealing organs in Haiti after the earthquake.

– More organ theft poison pieces on Ukraine and Israel.

– Running an article claiming that World Wars 1 and 2 were both Jewish plots.

– Promotion of Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben.

– Running a piece by the racist Khalid “Kikes” Amayreh where he argues the USA is far more evil than Osama Bin Laden.

– Marking Holocaust Memorial Day by publishing a revolting Israelis-are-Nazis screed by Gilad Atzmon.

– Threatening legal action against “Nothing British About the BNP” when it criticised Habeeb for his role in inviting the fascist Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai to a London conference of the PRC.

– Publishing another Israelis-are-Nazis slur and an absurd terrorism denialpiece by Mahboob Khawaja. No wonder Khawaja engages in terrorism denial: his own son, Mohammed Momin Khawaja, was convicted in 2009 of taking part in the UK fertiliser bomb plot.

So, an obvious outlet for Jeremy Corbyn MP: a man wholly unchallenged by the Labour Party, who will not speak out against his hateful politics and alliances.

Meanwhile, the clowns of iEngage, who managed shamefully to undermine the proposed (but now moribund) Parliamentary Committee on Islamophobia by attempting to get themselves appointed to the secretariat, despite their links to extremist Islamist political parties and record of incitement against Muslim liberals, have produced a website:

Its top story directs Muslim voters to Owen Jones’ attack on Ken Livingstone’s critics.

They have also produced a video featuring the hate preacher, Haitham al Haddad:

That’s the Ken Livingstone fan base, folks!


Of course, it goes without saying… the formerly anti-Livingstone Jewish Labour activists have now backed this wanker.

With our eyes open and breathing deeply maybe with a sigh or two, the time has come to endorse Ken Livingstone for Mayor of London…

Andrew Gilbert, Neil Nerva, Judith Bara, Jem Stein and Rabbi Danny Rich (all in a personal capacity)

Why have they done this?

Simple. Because they think – probably correctly – that Ken Livingstone will win this election. If they don’t say this, then there will be no Jews at all who can talk to the Mayor of London about issues such as community safety, and the like.

So, a little bit like the leaders of the Iranian Jewish Community, they have at last pledged loyalty.

When Ken Livingstone wins this election, London will have taken a step closer to Malmo.

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