Ken Livingstone,  Labour Party

Can’t Ken avoid lying or hypocrisy?

Ken Livingstone, yesterday to members of the press:

“I think Ed [Miliband] represents genuine Labour values. That’s why I voted for him.”

Ken Livingstone, at the time of the Labour leadership race:

“My preference is [Ed] Balls because whoever we select might be Prime Minister next year and, of all of the candidates, he is most ready.”

So in short, Ken Livingstone endorsed and supported Ed Balls for Labour leader. Balls lost and Ed Miliband won. Livingstone needs support and favours from Miliband so he now his tune has changed to something akin to: “Of course I voted for you… You are the genuine heart of Labour… etc…”

Is it true? Did Ken publicly endorse Ed Balls while actually voting for Ed Miliband? Why on earth would he do this?

Is there any doubt Ken regards the Labour Party as nothing more than a convenient vehicle for his ambitions, except when it gets in his way?

Truly nauseating.

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