Class warfare,  Stateside

They’re on the record

Every Republican member of the US Senate except three* has gone on record against requiring the less than one percent of Americans earning more than a million dollars a year to pay at least the same rate of taxes as their middle-income fellow citizens.


The rejected legislation is known as the Buffett Rule– a reference to billionaire Warren Buffett, who revealed he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.

The Buffett Rule has consistently polled well with the American public. A CNN/ORC International survey released Monday showed that 72 percent of Americans backed the Buffett Rule, while 27 percent were opposed.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is among the Congressional Republicans who have called the Buffett rule “class warfare.”

Ronald Reagan, class warrior:

*Susan Collins of Maine voted with the Democratic majority. Paul Kirk of Illinois and Orrin Hatch of Utah did not vote.

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