Lord Ahmed accuses the Express Tribune of lying

The BBC reports:

He was reported to have made the remark by a Pakistani newspaper [The Express Tribune].

But Lord Ahmed told BBC Asian Network the story was “lies” and he had never mentioned a bounty or President Obama.

In BBC interview on video, Lord Ahmed takes issue with the Express Tribune:

“There were many journalists there – none of the others have reported this”

Oh really?

The Express Tribune piece was published yesterday (April 15th), referring to Lord Ahmed’s address to a business dinner in Haripur.

Before that date, here is a Pakistani news report on Lord Ahmed’s words from last Tuesday (April 10th):

The institution where Lord Ahmed spoke, the University of Punjab, reported on Tuesday April 10th:

He said that the US had fixed the head money of Hafiz Saeed purposively to keep Pakistan in defensive position. In reverse, he said, I announce 10 million dollars reward against Mr George W Bush. He said that he would collect the money whether he had to beg in the streets but Bush and Tony Blair should be charged with war crimes. He said that 43 militaries of powerful countries with all their might could not defeat Afghans who had no shoes to wear. If US President Obama is negotiating with them, then our president should also follow the suit, he added. He said that the president should invite Taliban, aggrieved Baloch in the mountains and us to President House for parleys.

Wednesday April 11th, The International News of Pakistan reported about his address in Haripur:

Speaking at a seminar “International Scenario, Pakistan and Our Responsibilities,” he said US had fixed head money on Hafiz Saeed to put Pakistan on defensive. He said, “I announce $10 million reward on George W Bush,” said a press release here on Tuesday. The moot was organized by Directorate of Student Affairs, PU. Lord Nazir said he would collect the money whether he had to beg in streets but Bush and Tony Blair should be charged with war crimes.

Are all these news agencies lying?

I also want to know:

  • Why Lord Ahmed did not immediately deny the report by the University of Punjab.
  • Why Lord Ahmed did not immediately deny the report about his words at the business dinner in Haripur.
  • Why Lord Ahmed did not deny the comments all week in Pakistan despite mainstream media coverage from the IHT’s sister paper the Express Tribune, Pakistani TV, and even Pakistani chat shows.
  • Why Lord Ahmed only issued the denial when he learned of his suspension from the Labour Party – five days after the event, but within hours of the party sanction.
  • How all these news sources came to report the exact same story.