Boo Hoo Ken

I can only assume that Livingstone was drunk, again.

Ken Livingstone burst into tears today as he viewed a screening of his party election broadcast.

The Labour candidate started crying as he watched a series of “ ordinary” Londoners saying why they wanted him as Mayor.

In bizarre scenes, party leader Ed Miliband comforted the 66-year-old ex-mayor by leaning forward and patting him on the back.

Mr Livingstone released a YouTube clip of Londoners appealing for him to “win back” the city on their behalf.

As the official broadcast was released today Mr Livingstone said he had been overcome by the responsibility of running the capital.

He said the film was “a tear jerker”, adding: “It’s an appalling responsibility. The people you saw on the screen represent hundreds of thousands of Londoners who desperately want a mayor who is going to make their life easier in this city.

Here’s the video. It features diverse Londoners reading words of cue cards.

It a rather less lively version of the McDonald advert from 1991: A Day In The Life

Livingstone has found a token Haredi Jew to appear in his broadcast. Who is he? And would he like a “filet of fish for my wife”?