Guardian: Hamas is a charity

The Upper Immigration Tribunal:

The result of our analysis is that in purporting to apply to the facts of the case the Secretary of State acted under a misapprehension as to the facts. Most importantly, she was misled as to the terms of the poem written by the appellant, a matter on which there is now no room for dispute.As we have decided, she took irrelevant factors into account in relation to the indictments and the Hamas conviction.

The Guardian:

The ruling of the immigration tribunal, which was made known on Saturday, states that May “acted under a misapprehension as to the facts” and was “misled” in relation to a poem written by Salah.

It also decided she took “irrelevant factors” into account in relation to indictments against Salah, and a conviction in Israel in 2003 over charges that his organisation funnelled funds to a banned charity in Gaza.