Galloway,  Trots

Galloway’s back and Marxism 2012’s got him

Less than five years after George Galloway told Socialist Workers Party members in Respect to “fuck off, the lot of you,” SWP cadre Richard Seymour is busting his buttons to announce that the newly-elected MP for Blackburn Bradford West will speak at the SWP’s Marxism 2012.

This comes after Galloway– previously a regular at the annual confab– was notably missing from Marxisms 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

I remember Seymour writing of Galloway after the messy 2007 split, “Thank fuck I no longer have to defend him.”

Ah, well. It appears those days are gone. At least until the next split.

UPDATE – see here. He never turned up.

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