George and Marriage

The Daily Mail has danced deftly around the issues presented by George Galloway’s latest marriage, just days after his by-election victory. Knowing how litigious Galloway is, it is no surprise that they haven’t speculated on whether he has converted to Islam or suggested that apparently overlapping marriages might make him an adulterer or bigamist. It really is best not to.

Obviously there are questions raised if the report is accurate – which it may not be – like “how did he get an Imam to agree to conduct an Islamic wedding with his second wife if he was still civilly married to his first under British law and if Galloway was not a Muslim? Indeed, will a mosque facilitate the marriage of a Muslim woman to an non-Muslim man, particularly if he is still legally married in under UK civil law?

Galloway, for his part, appears to have married at least two Muslim women in Islamic ceremonies.

The Mail story doesn’t make clear if he is still married – under either civil or Islamic law – to his third wife, Rima Husseini, who gave birth to their second son in December. I imagine they’re divorced, but Galloway appears to have managed to keep it out of the news completely.

And if George Galloway has converted to Islam, why hasn’t he just admited it?

Read about the whole affair here, and see if you can make any sense of it – if indeed it makes any sense whatsoever.

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