An exciting opportunity to – write for Socialist Unity.

In an ecumenical spirit, I am forwarding a request for guest posts from Tony Collins:

There are a few ground rules. 1) We have our red lines. This site is absolutely, unwaveringly anti-imperialist and anti-Islamophobia. Please don’t write saying we need to defeat “terror” or whatever the propaganda word of the month is. And don’t put a racist slant on anything. 2) Not everything will be published – we won’t provide a platform for people whose aim is to destroy or destabilise the progressive movement. We want people to read, and constructively challenge, what you write. So you need to give people honest assessments. If your first paragraph asks us to believe that George Galloway has eaten yet another Jewish baby, or that the SWP is the reason for the recession, you’ll likely not see your article on the site.

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