Promoting interfaith understanding in Birmingham

I’ve already posted about Sajida Asif’s promotion of peace and understanding between communities in the Birmingham school where she works.  She has been following up her earlier project, getting her mostly Muslim pupils to send postcards to children in Israel.  A local Rabbi, Margaret Jacobi, read about her initiative in the Jewish Chronicle and arranged a visit to the school:

Rabbi Margaret Jacobi from Birmingham’s Progressive Synagogue wanted to join in this idea of learning for peace, and so a visit to the school was arranged.

Last November 2011, Rabbi Margaret Jacobi and her father, Rabbi Harry Jacobi, a Holocaust survivor came to Colebourne school.

The children learnt a lot about Judaism as part of their RE syllabus and about WW2 experiences for Jews. Rabbi Harry Jacobi shared his inspiring true life stories of survival with the children who were studying WW2 and the Diary of Anne Frank. The children learnt a great deal from these special visitors and the Rabbis had a delightful experience with the children, describing them as wonderful children with a thirst for learning.

Just a small step – but at least it’s a welcome contrast with the recent hatefest in London, as reported in habibi’s recent post.