Galloway: Will the fourth time be a charm?

George Galloway’s website breaks the exciting news:

George Galloway has confirmed he will definitely be standing as a candidate for the Respect Party in the forthcoming Bradford West by-election. He will hand in his nomination papers at 2.00pm on Tuesday 13th March at Bradford City Hall.

The election is scheduled for March 29.

But Galloway booster/apologist Andy Newman hasn’t mentioned it yet at Socialist Unity. Is even he wearying of Galloway’s shtick?

Let’s see. Since his election (with substantially less than a majority) to Parliament from Bethnal Green and Bow in 2005, Galloway has:

Lost an election to the Greater London Assembly in 2008.

Lost an election to Parliament from Poplar and Limehouse in 2010.

Lost an election to the Scottish Parliament from Glasgow in 2011.

And he recently lost his gig with TalkSport radio when the station did away with non-sports content.

Ah, well. Thanks to the fine folks running the Islamic Republic of Iran, at least he’s still got his PressTV show.

But wait. Remember a mere nine months ago, when Galloway was set to become a TV talk show host in America, “[s]ubject agreeing financial terms”? Don’t tell me that fell through?

I know nothing about Bradford West. But can I safely assume Galloway is headed for yet another humiliation?

Lucy Lips adds:

With so much new George Galloway information about, how are you going to keep track of it all?


Load the GallowApp onto your Android Phone.

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(Yes, I know this sounds like a spoof. But really, it isn’t. I’ve just loaded it only my phone.)