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Andrew Ian Dodge: Cancer and Drifting Into Oblivion

This is a guest post by Andrew Ian Dodge

“You’re 39, just got married and everything looks bright until the sudden discovery of colon cancer. A first hand account of the events that follow written by Andrew Ian Dodge and his wife Kim Dodge. A percentage of the proceeds will go to Maine Cancer Foundation.”

Unfortunately this is not the plot the latest weepy from Hollywood or the latest Lifetime mini-series. It was our life for the latter half of 2007 and most of 2008.

Less than 6 months after Kim & I married I was diagnosed with colon cancer which turned out to be stage 3. There were post-operation complications blamed on a faulty machine and all sorts of odd moments thanks to chemo. Needless to say the experience has influenced me in many ways.

My parts of the book were written as it happened, though much of it had to be cleaned up for clarity. I wrote as much as I could during the whole time, even blogging from ICU, though not very coherently. Kim and I managed through to get the book finished early this year and finally found a good e-book publisher. I like to think that some of my parts are mildly amusing with a touch of gallows humor.

Proceeds from the book are going to the Maine Cancer Foundation here in Maine to benefit others going through similar trauma. And it is only $.99