Stephen Sizer on Jerusalem

According to the Hebrew Bible, King David makes Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish nation, Israel, and the Israelites dwelled in Jerusalem alongside the city of Jebusite origin (thanks to Conchover) for centuries.

Stephen Sizer here he posts an interview with the Assistant General Secretary of the Arab League in Cairo, Mohammed Sobaih. Sobieh says:

“70% of West Jerusalem, it was built by the Palestinians, [Sizer: mmhmm] my family is one of them. East Jerusalem, during ages, every stone of this, it was built by the Palestinians, from the Canaanites until now. Without any aid from outside, without contribution, without donors, without anything. People they work on the land, as any people from the world, from until now [Sizer: yes]. We have to tell bravely the Israeli leadership, religious war is not for your sake.”

According to Sobieh – and Sizer who loudly agrees with him – 70% of West Jerusalem and 100% of East Jerusalem built by Canaanites and Palestinians, but not by Jews. Sizer’s view of the Hebrew Bible is such that he no longer trusts its account of Jerusalem’s history.

However, we also know that Sizer is willing to use a particular interpretation of the Bible, which says that Israel has broken its covenant with God due to Israel’s particular sin, and has no chance of returning physically from exile under God’s blessing.

Sizer has previously expressed support for Raed Salah, the hate cleric who raised money for Hamas, accused the Jews of baking matzah with the blood of Christian children, and thinks that Israel is trying to tear down the Al Aqsa mosque and replace it with a temple.

Sizer undermines one of the central narratives of the Hebrew Bible, by agreeing that Jews did not build Jerusalem. He then uses the Hebrew Bible to justify a theology in which Israel are dwelling in the land without divine permission. Sizer also shows support for a man who thinks Jews bake bread with Christian blood.

Now Sizer is in Qatar, at a conference with Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who wants “the believers” to finish the work that Hitler started against the Jews, by exterminating them all. Sizer is attending Qatar’s Jerusalem Conference, where Mahmoud Abbas has repeated Salah’s allegation, that Israel wishes to tear down the Al Aqsa mosque.

Other notorious religious figures are there too. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, is in Qatar. He has previously said:

The Hour will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jews will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

Another cleric at the conference, is Sheikh Dr. Ekrima Saaed Sabri, the chair of the The Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem.

Christianity Today reports:

A mob of 50 Muslims reportedly attacked a group of Christian tourist’s atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, according to Israel Today Magazine. Israeli police intervened to protect the Christian group and three officers were wounded.

Many of the attackers were minors and 11 of them were caught and arrested.

Investigators believe the attack was sparked by the former Muslim mufti (scholar) of Jerusalem, Ekrama Sabri, who urged local Muslims to protect mosques from an Israeli conspiracy. Sabri recently told Palestinian media that Jewish groups were planning to break into mosques and desecrate their holy compound.

It is ridiculous, that Sizer should ally himself with Raed Salah, and attend conferences with the likes of Qaradawi, Hussein, and Sabri, and this should be considered acceptable by the Church of England and the Diocese of Guildford.

After Qatar, his next project is called “Christ at the Checkpoint”, which will take place next week. Expect more of the same.

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