From the Vaults: Robert W. Welch, Jr. 1958

Writing in The Washington Times, Charles Hurt has launched an attack on President Obama referring to him as an “Islamist Firster.” This labeling reminds me of an attack on an earlier president: one by Robert W. Welch, Jr. on President Eisenhower labeling him, “a dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy.” This was done in the summer of 1958 in his unpublished but circulated version of his manuscript, The Politician, (the “private letter”) before it was revised and published in 1963.  A scan of the relevant pages (pp.266-7) of the unpublished version has been uploaded to the internet. I copy an extract below:

For the sake of honesty, however, I want to confess here my own conviction that Eisenhower’s motivation is more ideological than opportunistic. Or, to put it bluntly, I personally think that he has been sympathetic to ultimate Communist aims, realistically willing to use Communist means to help them achieve their goals, knowingly accepting and abiding by Communist orders, and consciously serving the Communist conspiracy, for all of his adult life….

And it seems to me that the explanation of sheer political opportunism, to account for Eisenhower’s Communist-aiding career, stems merely from a deeprooted aversion of any American to recognizing the horrible truth…. my firm belief that Dwight Eisenhower is a dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy is based on an accumulation of detailed evidence so extensive and so palpable that it seems to me to put this conviction beyond any reasonable doubt.

In December 1958, Robert Welch went onto found the John Birch Society for people who believed his conspiracy theories whereby President Eisenhower was accountable to Milton Eisenhower, his brother and superior in the Communist hierarchy.