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Neo-fascists arrested in Rome in connection with antisemitic plot.

On Tuesday two Senegalese men were murdered by a right wing extremist in Florence. Now five fascists have been arrested in Rome, accused of plotting against prominent figures from the city’s Jewish community:

The accused also plotted to attack Rome’s Jewish community president, Riccardo Pacifici, as well as the city’s mayor, Gianni Alemanno; the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini; and the president of the Senate.

Police said 11 others were under investigation.

The charges include criminal association to spread racial hatred, incitement to violence, and discrimination for racial, ethnic and religious reasons.

According to this Candadian report, they were planning attacks with explosives. The most prominent figure to be arrested is Maurizio Boccacci, leader of the neo-fascist Militia group.  Here is a brief account of his views and activities from the Stephen Roth Institute.

The extreme right Militia includes approximately fifty militants concentrated in the Castelli Romani area, where the group’s leader Maurizio Boccacci comes from. Boccacci, a founding father of the extreme right, had previously launched Movimento Politico and later Base Autonoma  … Throughout the year the Militia displayed antisemitic and anti-Zionist banners (such as “Alemanno [mayor of Rome] Zionist rogue, Pacifici [president of the Jewish Community of Rome] is your whore”), some of which also praised the Iranian regime (such as “Honor to Ahmadinejad, true light of anti-Zionism”).

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