Belgium,  Italy

Shooting Sprees in Belgium and Italy

Liege and Florence have both experienced shooting sprees in the past two days.

On Tuesday afternoon, Nordine Amrani climbed to a roof overlooking the Central Square by the Palais de Justice in Liege. After opened fire with an assault rifle and throwing grenades, he committed suicide.

The dead on the scene were two teenage boys and an 18 month old baby. Police later found the body of a cleaner in Amrani’s shed. Terrorism has been discounted for the motives of this convicted drug dealer and violent criminal.

Terrorism does appear to be the motive for Gianluca Casseri who went on the rampage in a Florence market, targeting West African traders. Casseri is reported to have been linked to the far right Casa Pound political party.

Two are dead, and like Amrani, Casseri killed himself before being apprehended by Police (or attacked by outraged market traders).