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Please run for president Sarah Palin

There are people in the United States who desperately want Sarah Palin to run for president.

They’re called Conservatives4Palin, they have a website dedicated to pushing the case for the former Republican Vice Presidential nominee’s agenda, and they have raised enough money from supporters to run a TV ad. Go figure.

The point of the ad, made possible by supporter donations, is to get Palin to reconsider her decision not to run for president. It is like a poltiical love letter.

The ad (below) is to run in the Sioux City, Iowa market, and it manages to string together a selection of Palin quotes that don’t sound like she’s not talking nonsense:

Palin: We will not solve our economic problems in this country until we confront the crony capitalism of our permanent political class. This is socialism for the very rich and the very poor but it is a brutal form of capitalism for the rest of us. It’s the collusion of big government, big business. It’s at the heart of President Obama’s economic vision … We need sudden and relentless reform and that will return power to ‘We the People’ … We need people with a proven record of reform … I served in public office in a state that had a corruption problem … I fought that corrupt system … I took on a corrupt and compromised political class. The challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012. The real challenge is who and what we will replace him with.

After the TV ad for Palin (not endorsed by her) the Conservatives4Palin campaign is considering commissioning “a national GOP primary poll that includes the former Governor as one of the options”, but whatever happens it urges tht “time is running short for her to reconsider”. Fingers crossed.