Come from the Shadows

Come from the Shadows: part 9

From Terry Glavin’s book Come from the Shadows: The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan, pages 195-196:

… It was while I was waiting for an all-clear signal in a sand-bagged blast-wall bomb shelter that I quizzed Corporal Erik Lindholm of Victoria, twenty-five, a founding editor of Absolute Underground, a magazine with a focus on punk and rockabilly, tattoos and skateboards. We’d met face down in the gravel after the siren went off. At the sound of a rocket exploding somewhere in the distance, he introduced himself by saying: “If you hear one real close, my best advice is to just stay lying down.” In the bomb shelter, he answered my first question this way: “You got kids?” Three, I told him. “Daughters?” One, I said. Her name is Zoe; the boys are Eamonn and Conall. “You want your daughter to be able to go to school, right? Well, so do the people here. Some people go backpacking in Europe. I picked this.”