antisemitism,  Greece

Greek Parliamentarian Blames the Jews…

… no! The Zionists! Sorry, wait, Georgios Karatzaferis really does mean the Jews.

He heads LAOS (a play on the Greek for “people”, not the country) aka the Popular Orthodox Rally which he formed in 2000 after being expelled from New Democracy for accusing its then leader, Kostas Karamanlis of being controlled by gays, and two years later ‘accused’ the then PASOK Prime Minister, Kostas Simitis of having a secret Jewish son-on-law. He also manages the trick beloved of such antisemites by both being a Holocaust Denier and saying that “in less than 70 years the main victims of Hitler’s brutality turned into the same heinous murderers as their persecutor”.

Now, with 7% of the vote in the most recent General Elections, LAOS is set to have at least one minister in the new coalition government. I expect he is an admirer of the Metropolite of Piraeus.