The PSC hosts Atzmon

In a comment following Hugh Lanning’s response to Rob Marchant’s New Statesman article ‘antisemitism is the new black’ Janet Green complains:

This article is about the PSC which as far as I know does not endorse Gilad Atzmon. Your ‘evidence’ of racism is getting very tenuous; one branch of PSC has links to articles on a website which sometimes has articles by Gilad Atzmon.

Tonight the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign will, apparently, co-host Gilad Atzmon as a guest speaker, launching his book, at Exeter University.  This information can be found on Atzmon’s blog, though not on the Exeter PSC site itself.  I’m not sure how this squares with Lanning’s assertion that:

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is committed to equality, and actively opposes racism and anti-Semitism, because they are fundamentally wrong — this reflects who we are, what we believe in, where we come from.

I can find no further online presence for this event, so any additional information would be welcome.

Update I note that this is included on the poster: ‘Disclaimer : Gilad Atzmon does not represent the views or political beliefs of FOPs and PSC’.

Update 2: Here is a record of Exeter PSC’s form with regard to Atzmon.