Least surprising news of the year

A day after the Syrian regime pledged to the Arab League that it would “end its crackdown on anti-government demonstrations, pull troops from the streets and release prisoners jailed during months of protests,” Syrian forces have killed at least five people in the city of Homs.

Reuters reports:

In Syria, residents and activists said there were no signs so far of any troop pullout, and security operations continued.

In Homs, tanks fired heavy machineguns and anti-aircraft guns in Bab Amro, a hotbed of protests and scene of operations by the military against insurgents hiding there.

Activists named two civilians killed in the bombardment. A rubbish truck driver district was among three others killed elsewhere in the city of one million, where army snipers were shooting from rooftops and soldiers fired from checkpoints.

“We slept late because there were overnight street rallies celebrating the Arab initiative. This morning we woke up to rain and shelling,” Samer, an activist in Bab Amro, said by phone.

Activists and residents reported army reinforcements at roadblocks in towns across the southern Hauran Plain, where troops fired in the air to disperse overnight protests.

This is how the Assad regime was implementing its promises in Homs: