New Statesman article: Antisemitism is the new black

Rob Marchant from The Centre Left writes in the New Statesman:

Oh, how fashionable it is all becoming. A month ago, enfant terrible designerJohn Galliano was fined over an anti-Semitic tirade at a Paris restaurant. But his drug-addled ramblings were just the latest signs of a wider trend.

There are numerous recent incidents — ranging from an unpleasant flavour of anti-Israeli activism to straightforward racism — that should sound alarm bells for the liberals among us. For example, take the odd promotion of renowned Jewish conspiracy theorist Gilad Atzmon’s book on the Times‘ website. Or the “ugly” barracking of Israeli musicians during a London concert for the heinous crime of, er, being Israeli. Or a racist incident involving a Jewish student at St Andrews University.

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