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Speaking truth to paranoia

Talk about killing the messenger:

The official in charge of the London Labour Party has been removed after saying that Ken Livingstone, Labour’s candidate for the mayoralty, “cannot win” next year’s election if he continues as now.

Andrew Gillligan has the full story.

But let me be the first to say that I’m pretty sure one of London’s top Labour officials, Hilary Perrin, is absolutely right about Ken Livingstone. What’s more, I’m glad she’s right, and will be proven right. Livingstone is a stab-in-the-back personality cultists, not a loyal Labour party member.

It is the far-Left in Labour’s refusal to listen to good sense (when did they ever?) which will be the undoing of the party’s electoral chances. Take for example Andy Newman’s assault on moderate Labour Blogger Luke Akehurst on Socialist Unity. (Notice how Green wing-nut Derek Wall joined in the fun calling Akehurst, quote, a “Dodgy fucker with a strong connection to Zionist organisations and the arms trade.”

“Loony Left” and “Loony Labour” increasingly appear to share more than just catchy alliteration. Danger ahead!

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