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Anti-Zionist Jews of JFJFP promote Gilad Atzmon fan

Jews For Justice for Palestinians is a group binding together Jews who, by and large, are opposed to the existence of the state of Israel. As a result, they spend much of their time expressing mistrust and suspicion of Jews who oppose the destruction of Israel. Whilst they support genocidally antisemitic movements like Hamas and Hezbollah, they argue that to do so, is to support resistance and uphold a Jewish ethic.

Until now, such anti-Zionist Jews have expressed disagreement with Gilad Atzmon, an unashamed antisemite who thinks that Shylock and Fagin are authentic representations of Jews, and who has floated the poisonous notion that, were Israel to attack Iran, it would prove that Hitler was right all along.

Atzmon mocks groups like Jews for Justice for Palestinians, who are his main target. That is because he argues that the real problem that the world faces is Jewish power, and that Zionism is but one of the manifestations of that Jewish power, underpinned by any expression of Jewish identity at all. Therefore, in Atzmon’s world, the activities of anti-Zionist Jews are simply an exercise in Jewish power.

Increasingly, Atzmon is proving popular in the anti-Zionist world.

He has received a book endorsement from John Mearsheimer, whilst Harvard professor Stephen Walt has afforded Mearsheimer blog space to defend Atzmon, and suggested that critics of Mearsheimer are part of a wider smear campaign against Mearsheimer and Walt’s academic work on “the Israel lobby”. Atzmon was also recommended by former UN Special Rapporteur to the Palestinian Territories, Richard Falk, and has been praised at the World Economic Forum by Turkish president Erdogan.

So what are JFJFP to do, when they are being left behind by a more successful and more appealing version of themselves?

Surprisingly, Tony Greenstein now wants to debate Atzmon, and has opined that – despite his repeated peddling of Nazi canards about Jews and support for Holocaust deniers and ‘Revisionism” Atzmon is not a fascist:

I have subsequently e-mail Gilad Atzmon and accepted his challenge to a debate. Atzmon is not a fascist and so the question of ‘no platform’ does not arise.

The JFJFP crowd have surpassed themselves, by hosting an article by Jonathon Blakeley about Adam Werritty, Liam Fox and BICOM. Evidently, they believe that Blakeley is a writer whose views should be taken seriously. Indeed, JFJFP include a link to Blakeley’s website (click to enlarge):

Clicking on the headline, takes you to Blakeley’s website,, where you can find a video about how the USA keeps the world in misery by talking about 911. You can find an article mocking bloggers concerned about antisemitism.

Blakeley also hosts this video of Gilad Atzmon – History, Truth and Integrity. On his Zimoz website, Blakeley reviews Atzon’s the Wandering Who,writing:

Gilad seeks to define the various streams of the Jewish identity, Zionist, Neocon, Anti-Zionist, Jewish Settlers and Diaspora Jews. He makes the point that they are all quite closely linked and often all pull together often out of misguided loyalty to their Jewish identity, whatever that may be perceived as. But the one thing that unites them all is the Holocaust.

I agree with Gilad that much is out in the open but I would also add that there is an exoteric and esoteric side to the Jewish identity mythos. On the one hand it is a Zionist propaganda machine based on the Judaism and the Holocaust religion, on the other hand the Kabbalah is an ancient & impressive system of mystical and magical knowledge. This inner core of esoteric information and ritual is also used to influence and recruit the rich and powerful into its Zionist agenda.

Blakeley thinks that anti-Zionist Jews and Zionist Jews together are united by the Holocaust religion, and the Kabbalah, which both seem to inspire evil. He appears to be entirely against everything the anti-Zionist Jews represent.

A significant percentage of Blakeley’s tweets are about Gilad Atzmon.

On Twitter, Blakeley has also opined:

The ‘Holocaust Religion” is there to maintain the Special “Chosen Ones” justification for #Israel policy #Weltschmerz

Retweeting this opinion,

Let’s reinstate basic liberty 2 question current narratives of history, e.g., 9/11 & The Holocaust. Takes time 4 govt 2 open secret files.

Blakeley responded:

Totally agree 911 is so fake. 777 looks ropey as well. obvious Qabbalah top numbers.

He has also recommendedvideo of David Icke talking about Jews, writing:

Check this video out — ZIONIST BANKERS RUN THE WEST

None of this should surprise us. JFJFP are happy to support Hamas and Hezbollah’s “resistance” campaigns, despite the Holocaust denial, genocidal antisemitism and conspiracy theorising of these outfits. If they have no real problem with antisemitic Islamist political organisations, then how can they consistently object to non-Muslim antisemites, or even Jews who regurgitate Nazi conspiracy theories?