Misogyny,  Moonbattery

Feminist Hate-speech

[R]apists don’t rape because they’re somehow evil or perverted or in any way particularly different from than the average man in the street: rapists rape because they can. Rapists rape because they know the odds are stacked in their favour, because they know the chances are they’ll get away with it. (Emphasis added.)

So says ‘femisnist’ writer, Cath Elliot on Comment Is Free, complaining that Facebook refuses to delete comments where people joke about rape as ‘hate speech’.

But Elliot’s own argument is  itself disgusting hate-speech.

All men – or at least the ‘average’ ones – are non-practicing rapists who simply don’t have the right opportunity or the courage to be more actively attack women? Really?

This is a filthy, sexist, libel.

Is the SCUM Manifesto now part of CiF canon?

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