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Rally this Sunday for The Forgotten Refugees

This is a cross post by Harif

To coincide with the DURBAN lll CIRCUS

In 1948, there were 870,000 Jews in the Arab world. Today, there are just 4,000. This is what ethnic cleansing actually looks like.

All over the Middle East, the obsession with the demonisation of Israel means that the plight of real refugees – and persecuted religious and ethnic minorites – whether Ahwazi, Jewish, Christian, Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian, Berber or Baha’i – is ignored by the UN.

This week, the UN’s Durban Circus – the so-called World Conference against Racism – came to town. True to form, the world’ s worst human rights offenders have been busy condemning that beacon of tolerance and democracy – Israel.

On Sunday 25th at 3pm roll up on the North Terrace of Trafalgar Square to help the British Israel Coalition raise awareness of those abandoned in the name of fashionable bigotry. Bring placards and banners and sign the petition calling for real action by the UN.

This will be a project by the British Israel Coalition on behalf of Harif (, which works hard to ensure those who have been treated so terribly in Arab hands, are not forgotten. On Sunday 25 th September from 3pm – 4.30pm on the North terrace of Trafalgar Square, we will help them spread that message.