Cross Post

Harry Perry of Leicester PSC

This is a cross post by Anthony Cooper from Exposing Antisemitism

The Leicester PSC website is registered to one Harry Perry c/o Leicester Secular Society. Harry Perry has also posted numerous messages to the Leicester PSC Yahoo Group. Harry Perry is also the editor of the Leicester Secularist.

In the December 2009 edition [pdf] of the Leicester Secularist, Perry discusses a Channel 4 Dispatches programme about the Israel Lobby. He says:

You may be feeling slightly uncomfortable now about such free use of the word ‘Jews’ when the norm in this discourse is to use terms like ’Zionists’ or ’Israelis’. You fear that I am about to launch into a diatribe, Nazi style, about a Jewish conspiracy or even quote the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Well, Oborne was careful to state that they found no evidence of a conspiracy as such and yet there is no doubt that the use of free tours of Israel for hundreds of MPs, the donations from Jewish businessmen to sympathetic parliamentarians and the pressure on media editors from Jews in positions of influence and power does have the nature of a conspiracy. It may not be co-ordinated or directed by any central body but then does it need to be? The clarity of the aims of the Zionist project, for Jews to acquire, in time, the whole of ‘Biblical Israel’ (including ‘Judea and Samaria’ – the West Bank), by any means necessary, is a sufficient organising principle to work from.

later in the same article he says:

This, then, is the new ‘Jewish problem’: how to objectively describe what the Israeli Jews are doing, with the secretive support of a few wealthy Jews here, without mentioning Jews and thereby being accused of anti-Semitism? With Israel officially designated the Jewish state there is no avoiding the fact that the colonisation is being done in the name of Jews. It is therefore impossible to comment on the situation without referencing the fact that Jews of a particular outlook are at the bottom of it.

If declaring that there is “secretive support” from “wealthy Jews” and that this has “the nature of a conspiracy” is not anti-Semitic, it is certainly sailing very close to the wind.

Also of concern is an article in the June 2008 newsletter [pdf] of Leicester Secular Society (also edited by Perry). An article there is about an anti-Trident protest. A press statement is quoted in the name of an unidentified priest:

Under the 1950 Nuremberg principles, companies and their employees are directly accountable for any part they play in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. After the ‘Holocaust’, businessmen were found guilty of war crimes and executed for the manufacture and supply of the poison gas used in the concentration camps, even though it was their own government that used it. Similarly the managers at Rolls Royce Raynesway may one day be held personally responsible for their contribution towards Trident.

Note the quotation marks around the word Holocaust. Here‘s the original press release from Trident Ploughshares and the quote from Angie Zelter. No quotes used and also no priest. So where did the account used by Perry’s newsletter come from and who put the scare quotes in?