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HOPE not hate condemns ‘extremist exploitation’ of 9/11 anniversary

Muslims Against Crusades website “exposes pact of hate”

The anti-extremist campaign group HOPE not hate condemned what they called “exploitation” of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks after it emerged that the Islamist campaigners Muslims against Crusades had established a website portraying a graphic reconstruction of the Twin Towers atrocity, alongside the slogan “You lost the War”.

The website contains the sound of a roaring jet engine and a computer generated representation of an aircraft heading toward the Twin Towers, followed by an image of the World Trade Center exploding in flames. The home page of the website also asks whether the attacks were “justifiable”, suggests the terrorists were “martyrs” and asks “Could There Be Another 9/11” before producing a countdown clock marking the hours, minutes and seconds to the time the first plane struck the north tower.

Muslims Against Crusades have also announced they intend to hold a protest at the official 9/11 memorial ceremony in London, as part of what they have described as their “You Lost The War” campaign. The English Defence League have also announced their intention to hold a counter-demonstration during the service.

Commenting, HOPE not hate Director Nick Lowles said:

“This attempt by extremists on both sides of the political divide to exploit the appalling events of 9/11 should be utterly and unequivocally condemned. It again demonstrates the extent to which those who seek to divide our communities feed off each other’s warped agenda. Muslims against Crusades and the EDL are effectively joined together in a pact of hate. A plague on both their houses.”