Waltham Forest PSC and Holocaust Denial

This is a cross post by Anthony Cooper from Exposing Antisemitism

Back in 2007 some Jewish members of the PSC proposed a motion for their AGM, part of whichstated:

8. Conference also rejects any attempt by any individuals or group, in particular those around the Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR) Group, to introduce anti-Semitic ideas and discourse into the Palestine solidarity movement. This can only be of benefit to the Zionist enterprise and cannot help but undermine the Palestine solidarity movement. We note that the British Director of DYR has published articles on “Jewish Power” and the “Holocaust Wars” in support of one of the most infamous Holocaust deniers, Ernst Zundel; that Dan McGowan, founder of DYR, has recently visited Zundel in prison, describing him as “a man with strong convictions and the courage to express them”; and that Holocaust denial material by Paul Eisen is available on the DYR website.

In response to this Paul Eisen wrote an article, available on the DYR website, in which he says:

Although I stopped short of coming out in definite agreement with revisionists, I did (and do) find their case compelling.

The motion was effectively rejected, replaced with an amendment proposed by the Executive Committee. A statement from “Jews Against Zionism” says that:

Before the debate on the amendment, moreover, the Executive issued a statement confirming that PSC has never had nor does it now have links with “Deir Yassin Remembered” (DYR), nor has it offered any facilities to DYR.

The Executive Committee might want to speak to the Waltham Forest branch. They link to Deir Yassin Remembered in their list of “Interesting Links”.

Lucy Lips adds:

Here is Paul Eisen on the board of Deir Yassin Remembered.

Here is Paul Eisen on his Holocaust denial.

Ellie Merton, the Chair of Waltham Forest PSC has claimed that Brevik’s massacre was “An Israeli Government sponsored operation”, in which the US was complicit.