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Mel Gibson will make Judah Maccabee biopic

The news that noted antisemite, racist and misogynist Mel Gibson is going to make a movie about the Jewish freedom fighter Judah Maccabee (whose victory over the Greco-Syrians in 165 BCE is celebrated on Hannukah), and that Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed him about it, is a bit much for me to get my head around.

So I’ll simply link once again to the telecast of a Boston Red Sox game (featuring comedian Denis Leary) shortly after Gibson spouted an antisemitic rant when he was arrested for drunk driving in 2006. Surely it’s more entertaining than any movie Gibson could make.

Update: I agree with Goldberg here.

I see that various Jewish organizations are rallying their forces against Warner Bros. and Mel Gibson over yesterday’s announcement. Their goal is to get this movie stopped. But what they will do instead is give Gibson yards of free publicity. We’ve seen this before, with Passion of the Christ. My opinion, FWIW: I don’t care if he makes this movie or not. He’s not actually important. It’s better for these Jewish organizations to spend their time focused on Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran. These are things I worry about. I don’t worry about Mel Gibson.