Bristol PSC and Cliff Hanley

This is a cross post by Anthony Cooper of Just Thinking

Cliff Hanley is the Chair or Secretary of Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Their website is registered in his name and he is also the owner of their Yahoo group, under the username “fagbolt”.

He is something of a fan of Holocaust denier Anthony Lawson. He has published two of his videos on his blogs. In his introduction to Lawson’s video on wikileaks (which essentially argues that wikileaks was an invention of the CIA/Mossad and by the way 9/11 was an inside job of course) he says:

Anthony Lawson has produced another fine thought-provoking news-bomb

Hanley doesn’t just repost extremism from others he also declares it himself. He told a local newspaper that:

Israel is not a true country. It is simply a flawed policy.

And what about Hamas?

Hamas does not want to destroy all Jews. ‘All Jews’ would include the Israelis who regularly join in the anti-wall, anti-occupation demos with their Palestinian friends, for instance.

But Mr Hanley is not alone among members of Bristol PSC for holding extreme views or indeed liking Anthony Lawson. His video in which he says that Holocaust denial is really “research” into “questionable aspects of the alleged events” is linked to in one message.

Another message is entitled “How the Jewish Lobby Works” and links to a YouTube video of the same name. There are also messages citing material from American Free Press and rense.com.

In this message Mr Hanley links to the (now removed) Facebook group “Third Palestinian Intifada” claiming that:

it’s of more than passing interest

The group was removed (at least in part) because it advocated violence and stated:

Judgment Day will be brought upon us only once the Muslims have killed all of the Jews

Another message links to a video entitled “Israeli Terrorism and the Talmud” which opens with a fabricated quote from “Libbre David 37”.  No such Jewish book exists but the “quotation” is regularly used by anti-Semites the world over.