Holocaust Denial at Norwich PSC

This is a cross post by Anthony Cooper at Just Thinking

Last week, Harry’s Place revealed that the former Chair of the West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign runs a website that publishes Holocaust denial. It turned out that he had been expelled as Chair because of it. Now it’s the turn of Norwich Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

An article reprinted on the site is taken from the “Israel’s stooges” section of the redress.cc website. It was published in 2009 and refers to the appointment of Ivan Lewis as Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The article states:

Mr Lewis is also a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust, a body founded in 1988 by British pro-Israel lobbyists Greville Janner and Merlyn Rees with the aim of maintaining a culture of gentile guilt and Jewish victimhood in British schools.

More worrying, though, is a video posted on the site entitled “Israeli Apartheid and the Nakba“. It was created by Holocaust denier Anthony Lawson.

Lawson said in an interviewthat:

it seems that there is no solid evidence that Germany put in train a plan to systematically murder Jews using gas chambers. I have no doubt that some Germans were as cruel as some of those bombing-raid planners, and that a lot of unnecessary deaths resulted from that cruel streak, which seems to show itself in so many humans, but I do not think that the facts support the planned systematic- extermination scenario that the ever-growing number of Holocaust museums claim was perpetrated by the Germans.

In the video, Lawson states:

All over the world Zionists build museums and memorials to their Holocaust and strive to put people in gaol for what is more properly described as historical research but which they call Holocaust denial or revisionism; an attempt to prohibit enquiry into even the more questionable aspects of the alleged events which took place in forced labour camps during the Nazi era.

While he is narrating these lines, the video shows photos of well-known Holocaust deniers Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Robert Faurisson, David Irving, Sylvia Stolz and Gerald Toben.

The webmaster of the Norwich PSC site is Khaled Sa’aran. He also works for Norfolk County Council (Children’s Services. As the webmatser, he must surely take responsibility for what is published on the site.

habibi adds: there are a few horrors on Norwich PSC’s website. Try disgraced American reporter Helen Thomas on the video page. When she said Israeli Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to Poland and Germany, for Norwich PSC it was a “truth statement”.

Here’s a nine page rant by James Petras on “Zionist Power” in America. A sample:

Over the past 24 months not a single Zionist policymaker has voiced any criticism of Israel‟s most heinous crimes, ranging from the savaging of Gaza to the massacre of the humanitarian flotilla and the expansion of new settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank. A record of loyalty to a foreign power which even exceeds the subservience of the Stalinist and Nazi fellow travelers in Washington during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Petras is a racist loon. As the ADL notes:

Petras’ conspiracy theories also include the anti-Semitic accusation that the American Jewish community is “controlling the communications media” and is “bloodthirsty” in its appetite for war. He has stated that [U.S.] presidents are at the disposal of “Jewish power” and maintained that Jews represent “the greatest threat to world peace and humanity.”

Here is another article on the Norwich PSC website by William James Martin called “Zionism for Dummies”. It blames Jews for the Holocaust:

The Zionist‟s use of Nazism involved, among other things, the blocking of avenues of escape to other countries of Europe‟s Jews and diverting them to Palestine, even as the death trains began to roll in Europe. The rise of Nazism and Hitler to power was never, or almost never, opposed by the Zionist prior to the establishment of Israel.

History might have been very different had the Zionists component of Jewry opposed Nazism and there might never have been a Holocaust. And there might never have been a state of Israel, as many of the Zionists well understood.

Yet Norwich PSC assures us:

We are opposed to all forms of racism, violence and anti-Semitism prejudice

That’s about as credible as PSC leader Sarah Colborne on hate preacher Raed Salah, whom the PSC invited to address its extremists and thugs this summer.