Responses to the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN

It’s interesting to note the positions people take on the question of the Palestinian statehood bid. Jim Denham at Shiraz Socialist is supportive, as is Marko Attila Hoare. Socialist Unity has also supported a petition in favour of the bid – but some of the commenters seemed pretty suspicious of its implied acceptance of two states. Also against the statehood bid are Mehdi Hasan and Ahmadinejad.

Comparing Marko AH’s balanced concern for both sides with Hasan’s screed (the very first comment is a pretty good riposte) certainly doesn’t make me more inclined to oppose the bid.  Yet I also take into account this note of caution, from Mahmoud Jabari (who has had a few guest posts here).

The Palestinian leadership is going to the UN next September to ask for recognition of Palestine as a State. That’s great, but for me, I would not accept to go for such a step unless it is agreed to by both sides (Israel & Palestine), and unless both sides are going there to ask for such a step from the UN. This is the only way if we really look for progress.

I was rather surprised to learn that Mahmoud didn’t support the bid, but I assume (he lives in Hebron) that he is concerned that the bid for statehood, even though it reflects an aspiration he fully shares, will lead to violent clashes and disorder.