Theologico-Politico Tractatus, by Baruch Silverstein

Presented without commentary.

Wow, how many other bloggers called ‘racist, crazy and disgusting by J Street?I’m in a select group: Spinoza Society http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2011/08/24/j-street-taken-leave-of-its-senses/

Please don’t take this personally, but Spinoza was slightly more clever than you

I didn’t say I WAS Spinoza moron.I specifically referred to his excommunication, not his intellect.Try reading next time.

moron“? I bet Spinoza was nicer than you too :)

& all because I wrote “schnorrin'” instead of “schnorring!!!” Wow.If u think Jew comm. doesn’t ostracize members u’re ignorant.

Who has excommunicated you? Are you in an Orthodox community?

When J St. jumps into bed w pro Israel bloggers,Commmentary etc labelling u crazy racist, lib Zio community put me in herem.

you’re not in herem, people just don’t like you very much.

Yeah, I bet Spinoza thought all those Amsterdam Jewish leaders who banned him were sweethearts.