Libya,  Stoppers

Oh, you may be happy now. But just wait…

Patronizing crap from Lindsey German and Andrew Murray of the Stop the War Coaition– who regard “humanitarian intervention” as a far greater evil than repressive and murderous regimes– on the fall of the Gaddafi regime:

The Nato intervention has not been for idealistic values. It has been about regime change, so that a leader more acceptable to western governments and business could replace Gadaffi.

Right to the end, NATO was bent on a military victory and bringing the Transitional National Council (TNC) — the Benghazi administration — to power in Libya by force of arms. All proposals for talks to achieve a political solution – whether from within Libya or outside – have been brushed aside.

While many Libyans may welcome the outcome, and will be glad to see the back of Gadaffi, it has a number of negative aspects.

Etc., etc.