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Beck in Israel

Glenn Beck may, as he claims, love Israel. But that love apparently doesn’t extend to a significant number of Israelis.

Haaretz reports:

Glenn Beck, an American right-wing talk-show host currently visiting Israel, compared the Israeli protesters demanding social justice to communists in his show this week.

Beck is currently in Israel for a mass rally to “Restore Courage” in Jerusalem.

Beck then went on to suggest that the housing crisis could be solved by simply building up empty land in the West Bank…

Beck continued to poke holes in the “extreme left” protesters’ demands calling for decreased privatization of health care, free education and an increase in minimum wage.

Beck also insinuated a possible collaboration between socialists and Islamists, pointing out historical instances in which the two movements went hand in hand.

Well, I suppose Israelis are entitled to some comic relief. At least he doesn’t live there and will leave, eventually.