For the Vaults: anti-cuts blog – August 2011

Regular readers will be aware that I run an occasional feature of blog posts that I entitle, “From the Vaults.”  These posts typically contain cuttings from old newspaper or magazines articles that I have found interesting. Occasionally, like a great bottle of certain wines, I locate a current article that I believe should improve with age.

The message below is extracted from a blog post on an anti cuts blog and posted on August 9, 2011.

A message to a country on fire

We offer unapologetic solidarity and support to those involved in the UK uprisings these past nights. This sentiment extends to both the rioters and to those communities affected by them. We also acknowledge that the unrest has ruined many people’s livelihoods, and homes have been burnt and agree that these will always be the wrong targets for attack. But we know that this sort of looting and destruction are the last actions of the completely impoverished and disenfranchised.

Should be ready for revisiting in August 2031.

Hat TipDamian Thompson of the Daily Telegraph via Charles Barry.