“Career Fail”

Following David Starkey’s shameful performance on Newsnight, Ben White now tweets:

This is ironic.

David Starkey said that white youths were behaving like black youth, and black MPs sounded like white MPs. The aim was to create separate ideas about how “white” and “black” behaviour differs.

Ben White has been promoting an article linking the riot clean-up to “white fascism”, as if there is a type of behaviour that is fascistic because white people participate in it.

The writer of the “white fascism” illustrated her point with a photo, in which she edited out black faces from the riot clean-up.

The riot clean-up was portrayed as “white.” By implication, the riots themselves were “black”, or at least “non-white”.

If you think there is a type of group behaviour that is “black” or “white”, either there are serious issues with the way you understand politics, or you are a race-baiter.

Either way it is indeed a “career fail”.