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Keep Aaron Biber Cutting

An inspiring story:

I will probably have to close because I haven’t got insurance and I can’t afford the repairs,” – Aaron

Aaron has been in the Tottenham area for 41 years and at 89 is devastated by the damage to his livelihood.

Let’s use the internet, spread this and all donate a couple of quid so Aaron can get his shop back up and running so he will not have to worry how he’s going to make a living at his old age.

Aaron lost his wife last year. Born in Cable Street, he built up his businesses in Tottenham High Street over several decades and is a popular figure in the local community.

He arrived at his shop on Sunday morning to find the place smashed up, with windows broken and hairdryers looted. Even his kettle had been stolen.

Please donate to help get Aaron back on his feet and restore his faith in the community.

There is a video as well.

Aaron deserves a comfortable old age. We are his community.

Update: Archbishop Cramner has also started an appeal. Great minds, etc.

It is also in The JC

Update 2:

The Evening Standard reports:

The site was set up by 23 year old Bjorn Conradi, Sophie Browness, 21, and Omid Sard, 28, all interns at ad fim BBH.

“We were given a brief to create a project to let interns do good things, and our brief was do ‘do something good, famously’.

“My girlfriend told me about this barber who had his shop broken into, and I decided to do something to help him. We wanted to show how social media can be used to do good things. A team of three of us worked on it, and we tried to keep it as simple as possible, as the story really tells itself.

Although £25,000 has been raised (which is likely to be spread around Tottenham more generally), I’m sure that Michael Ezra will agree that it is vital that a certain sum first be deducted from the money raised, to ensure that the interns involved are paid the standard market rate for advertising professionals.