FOSIS Angry at Qaradawi Ireland Exclusion

FOSIS spokesperson, convert, Guardian intern and public school boy, Amandla Thomas Johnson is very upset that the Irish Government has banned the obnoxious hate preacher and promoter of terrorism against civilians, Yusuf Al Qaradawi:

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) in the UK and Ireland has voiced its disappointment at the Irish Government’s refusal to grant Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi entry into the country.FOSIS spokesperson, Amandla Thomas Johnson said, “Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi is a distinguished scholar whose views are respected by Muslims from around the world. It is a shame to see that yet another prominent Muslim figure is being targeted due to his religious convictions.”

Thomas-Johnson added, “The opinions of Sheikh Qaradawi are often regarded as a voice of moderation, specifically his firm support of Muslim integration into Western societies. He has frequently and decisively condemned acts of violent extremism, and has authoritatively rejected claims that terrorism is acceptable in Islamic law. His influence spans into Muslim communities around the world; indeed shortly after the Egyptian revolution, it was he that addressed the liberated millions in their Friday sermon – such is the status he holds.”

Thomas-Johnson concluded, “Like the British Government before them, the Irish Government have begun to tread a precarious path by ignoring the fundamental right of individuals to express themselves freely. As long as an individual does not infringe against the law, it is crucial that we allow for a diverse range of ideas and views to be presented for a democratic, respectful and free society”.

Amandla Thomas-Johnson – who has now dropped the affectation of a faux-aristocratic “de” from his name, but added a hyphen – wrote a surreal article for the Guardian, discussing his unsuccessful attempts to convert his family to Islam

However, my embracing of Islam has given me a cause for concern, because unless my family accepts it too, I believe that they’ll go to hell.

My instinctive reaction has been to do everything I could to educate my family about Islam, but telling a devout church-going West Indian auntie that Jesus was just a man and Muhammad was a prophet was never going to be easy. Clouded by the awareness of the inferior role I played in the auntie-nephew relationship, my words would come out in stuttering stops and starts, giving the impression that I didn’t even know what I was talking about.

Here is how Amandla Thomas de Pfeffel Johnson explains his failure to convert his auntie:

Her reaction was always telling, in that rather than give a reasoned response about her own religious beliefs, she would launch an attack on mine, highlighting how “backward” my religion was for accommodating multiple wives and international terrorists.

And here are some of the views of Qaradawi, the man who FOSIS supports:

  • He thinks that Hitler was sent by Allah to punish Jews and looks forward to a time in which ‘the believers’ will finish what Hitler started.
  • He supports female genital mutilation.
  • He argues that killing gay people in Islamic States helps to ‘maintain the purity of the Islamic society and to keep it clean of perverted elements’.
  • He begged God to ‘eliminate’ the United States.
  • He identifies “every Jew in the world” as an enemy of “every Muslim” and teaches that in the final days there will be a battle between “all Muslims and all Jews”, in which the Muslims will kill all the Jews.
  • He openly and repeatedly supports terrorism against Israeli Jewish civilians, and has published a fatwa which specifically authorises suicide bombing by female terrorists.

Can’t see why his auntie would have any problem with that at all.

Thomas-Johnson and FOSIS have form. Here they are, lining up with Hamas to oppose the exclusion of the hate preacher Raed Salah.

Here is Nabil Ahmed of FOSIS, lying about their long and ignoble history of working with extremists.

FOSIS is a Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood aligned organisation. In case you couldn’t tell.