Johnson and Livingstone charged over London Riots.

Laura Johnson, the daughter of a millionaire was charged with stealing £5000 worth of electronic goods from a Comet in Charlton.  Micha Livingstone and his brother Icha, both college students were charged with looting a Curry’s store in Brixton.

The three were part of a riot by the disposessed and disenfranchised section of society protesting exclusion and lack of opportunity.

Similarly lashing out against living lives without hope or opportunity were postman Jeffrey Ebanks, charity worker Barry Naine and Jack Onslow, a student and aspiring hairdresser. Then we have no-hopers Aaron Mulholland, a lifeguard at a leisure center and a scaffolder, Christopher Heart.

They join other oppressed and despairing looters mentioned yesterday, primary school ‘mentor’ Alexis Bailey, students David Attoh (recently accepted for an apprenticeship) and Banye Kanon, Adam Ozdas, due to start college in September, Adrian Cotton an employed forklift driver, an unnamed youth social worker and an army recruit.