The End of Jody McIntyre

Jody McIntyre’s tweets, urging the masses of London to rise up against the “Feds” resulted in his sacking from the Independent blog:

Following his recent tweets and statements on the London riots, The Independent will no longer be taking blogs from Jody McIntyre.

Then, it transpired that Mr McIntyre had appeared at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting, urging people to set London ‘alight’.

“I say this at a time when people across the Arab world are setting alight to themselves in protest against their governments. We must take inspiration from them this year when we set the streets of London alight.”

Now Jody McIntyre’s “Q & A With Jody McIntyre, Activist Who Observed Brixton Riots” has been removed by the Huffington Post:

Editor’s Note: The Huffington Post’s editorial policy prohibits the promotion of incitement to riot. It has been brought to our attention that some of the comments made by the interviewee in this article could be construed as inciting others to take part in unlawful activity.

As such, we have removed this post.

Not to worry. Jody McIntyre is still as enthusiastic and upbeat as ever. Looking forward to his upcoming Channel 4 Online show:

Yes, that will be very exciting.

But what’s this I see, from the TV trade mag Broadcast?

Oh. What a pity.

But is this really the end of Jody McIntyre? I am quite sure that he will continue to be welcomed at events run by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and other outlets for the extreme Left.

We’ll see.