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Right, left, right, left…

The truth of the matter is surely clear by now : it is Jewish right wing pro-war platforms such as FrontPage Magazine, Daniel Pipes, Harry’s Place and others following their example, that consciously, openly , deviously and divisively cultivate a prevalent culture of hate and Islamophobia.

Was Behring Breivik a follower of FrontPage Magazine or the equally inciting and hateful Harry’s Place? We cannot know for sure yet — but hopefully we will find out soon.

Gilad Atzmon

And yet [Anders Behring Breivik] is a mass murderer. Accordingly, the blame game has begun in earnest. The New York Times warned that “opposition to Muslim immigrants, globalization, the power of the European Union and the drive toward multiculturalism has proven a potent political force and, in a few cases, a spur to violence.” The leftist English blog Harry’s Place expressed the general line of the mainstream media when it intoned: “The more this paranoid ideology grows, the more the danger increases that there will be other Breiviks. It is time the people who have relentlessly promoted notions of ‘Islamisation’ and impending cultural doom take a long hard look at exactly what they are doing, and exactly where this is likely to go.” The implication is clear: If you resist the increasingly aggressive expansion of Islam in Europe, more children will be murdered.

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

Who wrote the passage quoted by Spencer to suggest that Harry’s Place is a leftist blog? It was our token Tory Edmund Standing.