Where have we heard this sort of threat before?

Lauren Collins writes in the New Yorker:

This afternoon, I called Tommy Robinson, the E.D.L.’s leader, who called Breivik a “nutcase,” but said that European politicians risked similar atrocities if they didn’t start addressing “the fucking elephant in the room.” “I think it was predictable,” Robinson said of the attack. “I think it’s disgusting, and my thoughts and prayers are with all the victims. We don’t want English lads blowing themselves up on our soil, but that will happen if they don’t give us a platform.” He continued, “I don’t think any of them understand the undercurrent of anger. He’s just a sick lone individual, but you’ve got a lot of angry people. And if British politicians don’t learn from this, God forbid, it might happen again.”

Alec Macph adds: in another uncannily familiar repugnant comment, Glenn Beck compares murdered teenagers to extreme racists here… no, sorry, here.

Makes you glad for the cockweasel Lee Jasper. Well, almost.