Anders Breivik and the Jews

by Joseph W

I’d just like to deal with the nasty lie that somehow Anders Breivik was acting on behalf of Jews, Zionists, Israel, etc., because he is somehow pro-Jewish, and this somehow explains why he is a murderer.

Two quotes from his appalling document.


“If the NSDAP had been isolationistic instead of imperialistic(expansionist) and just deported the Jews (to a liberated and Muslim free Zion) instead of massacring them, the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism would have never been institutionalized in Western Europe, because the Marxists would never have been so radicalized to begin with.”

and this:

In any case; educate yourself and learn the difference. Today’s conservatives and wantto-be Nazis are ignorant when they obsess so much over the Jews. There is no Jewish problem in Western Europe (with the exception of the UK and France) as we only have 1 million in Western Europe, whereas 800 000 out of these 1 million live in France and the UK. The US on the other hand, with more than 6 million Jews (600% more than Europe) actually has a considerable Jewish problem.

He thinks that the Nazis should have “just” expelled the Jews, and the US probably has to think about expelling Jews.

He thinks that Palestine can only be free if there are no Muslims there.

Breivik is firstly an abominable child murderer.

He is also a racist. He thinks in a racist way.

On the “Nordic tribe”:

There are many non-Nordic that try to mimic Nordic beauty by dying their hair blond and wearing contacts. So why not offer our children the actual genetical gift instead, through repro-genetics, rather than spending thousands of Euro and thousands of hours on make-up trying to mimic the Nordic ideal? As the Nordic ideal obviously is still prevalent in this multiculturalist world it may not be too late to prevent the extinction of the Nordic tribes. We are still a strong tribe, representing the most numerous in Europe, counting more than 200 million individuals worldwide.

On inter-racial marriage:

Race-mixing leads to suicidal children with severe mental problems. The offspring of race-mixers will feel like outcasts and it is very common that these individuals suffer from severe psychological problems throughout their life. Their parents obviously do not care as it would appear that their children’s psychological health and general well being is irrelevant to them. The suicide rate among these individuals is extremely high, which reflects the suffering they are put through by not having an extended ethnic family. A majority of Europeans sees ethnic, blood-bonds as the most essential cultural factor and considers their ethnic tribe to be their extended family.

You could make the argument, I suppose, that he was pro-Israel because he wanted Israel to have power over Muslim nations. But this wasn’t for sentimental reasons. By the same token, you could say he was pro-Islamist, because he spoke about wanting to work with jihadi groups to succeed in dominating European and Muslim nations respectively.

After all, he said of jihadists:

We both share one common goal. They want control over their own countries in the Middle East and we want control of our own countries in Western Europe.

But no-one saying Breivik is a Zionist, is also saying Breivik is an Islamist. It’s not hard to work out why. The Machiavellian amongst us will turn Breivik into the political monster they want him to be, preferring not to examine the true nature of his evil, in an honest way.

Breivik is a racist – a self-styled racist whose racism mainly targets Muslims, whose racism would also severely affect Jews and “non-Nordic” people, if given the opportunity – and whose murderous violence targets children.