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Iranian leftists plan to picket Livingstone

At The Jewish Chronicle, Nick Cohen writes:

In my last column I wrote that Labour is taking a huge risk in running the tired and seedy figure of Ken Livingstone as its candidate in next year’s London mayoral elections. No sooner had I filed the copy than a delegation of Iranian leftists came to see me. They had been sickened by the sight of Livingstone taking the money of Press TV, the propaganda station of the Iranian government that has murdered thousands of their comrades, and tortured and raped tens of thousands more. The Iranians intend to picket him at every stage of the way in the campaign and force the British media to ask two questions which few apart from Martin Bright, Andrew Gilligan and your humble correspondent have raised before.

How can the British Left justify fellow travelling with regimes and movements whose attitudes to gays, women, democrats, liberals and Jews are rooted in the foul traditions of clerical fascism? And what precisely makes them think that they can get away with it?

Perhaps some of our readers will join our Iranian comrades on the picket lines.