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Dukes! Dukes!

I assiduously avoided following– let alone posting about– the heavily-hyped Casey Anthony trial.

But I found this rather interesting:

Last week, Fox contributor Bernie Goldberg suggested that fellow Fox contributor Geraldo Rivera would be more sympathetic to the prosecution’s case if it instead involved a militiaman accused of killing a Mexican immigrant. Rivera, who is of Puerto Rican and Jewish descent, responded on the O’Reilly factor by calling the comment a “lying, low blow with heavy racial overtones.” While shaking his fist at the camera, he added, “I owe him a bloody nose. I am serious.”

I think Rivera– whom you may recall from “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults” and other televised triumphs– has reason to be angry.

And you think Harry’s Place authors sometimes get testy with each other?

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