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Words Fail

I often wonder if my recollection of hearing on 10 September 2001 of Ahmed Massoud’s assassination is a planted memory.

I now wonder if my recollection of hearing about speculation that Milly Dowler was alive in the days after her disappearance on 21 March 2002 – due to signs of activity on her mobile phone account – is a planted memory.

She cannot have been, as it has been established that Levi Bellfield murdered her on the night of her abduction. Any suggestion to the contrary would have instilled hope in her family and investigating Police because it is virtually unheard of for opportunistic abductions with the intention of murder to result in a prolonged period of hostage-taking.

Maybe she had run away (so could conceivably return) or was being held captive (diverting precious Police effort to attempts in locating her).

I mean, what sorts of slivers of human beings would, through their deliberate actions, create this impression?