Two Prisoners in Gaza: Shalit and Muailek

The fifth anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s imprisonment passed on Saturday 25 June.  It has been claimed that a recently proposed deal to secure his release in return for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners was rejected by Hamas.  You might like to ask your MP to sign this Early Day Motion calling for Gilad Shalit’s release or consider donating to this campaign to use London taxis to publicise his plight .

Another prisoner in Gaza is 26 year old Mohamed Abu Muailek.  His crime is that he refused to fire rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

“They will say that I am a collaborator, and I don’t care much…because these are the basics of a real Muslim: to tell the truth and be a peaceful man—whether it kills him or gives him more life.”

Greens Engage report:

Collaboration is one of the most shameful crimes you could be charged with in Gaza. He is held incommunicado, is reported to have been tortured, faces possible execution, and Amnesty are following his case with concern.

Muailek’s determination to reject violence was inspired by his online friendship with an Israeli man from Tel Aviv. He was arrested in April 2009 and his trial is due to end in July.

Hat Tip Labour Friends of Israel (pdf) and Greens Engage